The Waypoint Story

It's not about finding the right player. It's about building the right team.


Waypoint is a company that grew organically when people of integrity met and realized that they could build great things together. 


How it all began 

Twenty years ago Ed was developing a six-unit condo renovation. He started hearing grumblings that his project manager wasn't showing up. But when Ed arrived, the team was all there hard at work. So, who was unlocking the building? 


It wasn't long before he had his answer: It was the Irish guy on the crew — he'd wake up early, go unlock the building, then double back and head over to the project manager's house to wake him up. This wasn't his job. But that's how Kieran operates. He sees a problem and he takes action to solve it. It wasn't long before Kieran was in charge. 


Two to start but three to grow — a leadership team expands. 

The two worked so well together, perfectly balancing each other's skills, that they decided to join forces and start a company together. They called it Waypoint Companies and quickly developed a reputation for being a trustworthy, high-quality operation. 


In 2012, they realized if they wanted to take things to the next level they needed to find a third partner. Along came Tom, the man with the right skills — and personality — to help the team execute bigger buildings. Before long the team was successfully tackling mid-rises. Tom knew the process inside and out and had what Ed and Kieran describe as a real knack for getting the right people in place and on board.

When success is born from shared values everyone wins.   

The three share the belief that when you bring great people together you can accomplish great things. They are also steadfast in their commitment to not leave jobs half done. 


One case in point: On an early project in East Boston, the residents were thrilled with their new building ... but not so happy with the water that was pooling on the sidewalk in front of the building. Kieran was told, "It's been that way for years," "It is what it is,” and “It's city property." But that wasn't a good enough answer for Kieran. Waypoint wanted the residents to be happy coming home after a long day, not jumping over puddles. So, the Waypoint crew set out to raise the sidewalk elevation. The residents couldn't believe it. But to Waypoint, it was no big deal. It was just the right thing to do.


As Kieran says, "With the three of us, we feel like we can conquer the world." 

Meet the Team

Leaders who stay in their lane but keep each other on course 


Waypoint Principals Ed Champy, Kieran McAllen, and Tom Pagos bring a track record of technical expertise and efficiency to the entire process, from start to finish. 

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Principal, Operations

Principal, Business Development

Principal, General Contracting




Director of Finance

Project Manager

Estimator/Procurement Specialist

Assistant Estimator / Assistant Project Manager


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